The Hollaway Arms Company HAC-7 Rifle

This firearm was designed and developed by Robert C. Holloway.  In his military career he had used a variety of weapons, often in combat.  Holloway’s goal was to take the best features across manufactures and countries and combine into the best combat – or civilian – rifle he could make.  They were made in Texas with the idea being to have them on the shelf and ready to ship when advertised.  Tom Glaser was the Vice President of Marketing and wrote all the marketing/brochures shown in the PowerPoint.  The main office was in Palo Pinto, TX in an old bank building.  Constructed in 1929, with the bank also closing in 1929.  Manufacturing was in Fort Worth.  Made with CNC equipment so – unlike more other rifles – they had a true left-hand rifle, just producing a computer inverse rifle.  MSRP was $495.  The only tool needed for disassembly/assembly and adjustment is a loaded round.  Look at the bonus link to see details.  There was a plate under the bolt which eliminated jammed cartridges.  Approximately two years in production, and under 300 rifles produced.  There were quality control issues, probably related to the foreman who came with the CNC equipment.  Some guns had issues, and some did not.

Bonus: here is a YouTube link for an independent review on the HAC-7: