The History of the Houston Gun Collector’s Association

The club, the board, and our commitment since 1950.

The Houston Gun Collectors Association ( H.G.C.A.) was born out of the dreams of three men, whom were weapon collectors that had a desire to meet others that had similiar interests. These three men were Harry C. Knode, Paul Janke and James C. Voulgaris.  These men sent out letters to all of the collectors that they knew of, within the the Houston area, to ask them all to come to a meeting on Friday, June 23rd, 1950, at the Commerce Building in downtown Houston, Texas. There were 24 men that showed up for the meeting that evening, and 22 of them signed up as founding members of the club.

The first regular club meeting was held on July 15, 1950, and there were four office positions filled as board members to the club, which were President – Harry C Knode;  Vice President – James C. Voulgaris, Vice President – B.H. Darrough, and Secretary/Treasurer – Paul Janke.  These four men shaped and directed our club during those early years, by having a common objective:

  • To create and perpetuate an association of mutual benefit to all of its membership interested in the collection, preservation, history and use of all types of arms and their accessories;
  • To hold monthly meetings;
  • To sponsor gun shows for the benefit for its membership, and to maintain the highest standards through the promotion of fellowship, friendly competition and goodwill among its membership.

This bond blossomed into one of the largest gun shows in the country.

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Our HGCA Board of Directors

Supports the Texas A & M University Pistol Team. 

Houston Gun Collectors Association holds a monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the each month.

H.G.C.A. has a guest speaker each meeting.  Bring an item from your collection and join in the fellowship.

Wear your membership badges.

Members are allow to bring a guest, but you must sign in under the members’ name.

North Side Columbus Club
607 E. Whitney St.
Houston, Texas 77022

From 5:00pm to 7:00pm.
Meeting starts at 7:00pm.

You may bring your dinner with you or you can purchase Sodas, chips, hot dogs or burgers at the meeting hall.

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