Texas Constitutional Carry

This presentation will help the reader: Understand the basics of Texas Constitutional Carry Know who can and cannot carry under Texas Constitutional Carry Learn what

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Military Grade Henry Rifles

Vincent gave a PowerPoint presentation on Civil War U.S. Martial Henry Rifles and Engraved U.S. Veterans Volunteer Infantry Martial Henry Rifles.  Vincent displayed three very beautiful

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Do You Have A Question About Your Gun? Has Your Gun Been Damaged by Water?

Send us your question, and one of our club members will try to help you. Please include your name and email address along with the question and any other information that might helpful. Also, send along a few pictures of your gun. 

We will get back to you in a few days.

Things to do and not do:

  • Oil, don’t clean unless you know how!
  • Soak in oil to mitigate rust, Don’t sand, use steel wool.
  • Do not take an historical piece and have it re-blued!  (refinishing kills collectible value)
  • Do not alter or shorten the stock or barrel, or change the actions in any way.
  • Do bring it to our monthly meeting and get instructions from experts.
  • Always make sure antiquities are clear of powder, projectiles and shells before transporting.
    (if you are unsure, send a picture and your phone # we will have a person call you and walk you through the process.)

Preserving Firearms That Have Been Through a Flood​

When a gun becomes submerged in a flood there are several things to consider. How valuable or rare is the gun? How contaminated was the water? Is the gun still under water? If it’s still under, it is likely better than pulling it out and letting oxygen get to it, if it is going to sit for a few days. It is very important that guns don’t get taken from a flood and left out to ‘air dry’ as all the internal springs and parts will be ruined. The best thing to do is pull it out, dry it off and rinse any dirt and other debris off it, then immediately submerge it into some type of oil. Diesel is a cheap and plentiful oil that will work for a while. As soon as possible the gun should be disassembled, and each part cleaned and inspected. Wood and plastic will be considered later. If the gun has a significant collector value re-bluing it could lower the collectability and value. If possible, high value guns should be restored by an appropriate gunsmith specializing in restoration work. Depending on the amount of damage to the finish a choice needs to be made

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Guidance on Firearms That Have Been Exposed To Water

Guidance on Firearms That Have Been Submerged or Exposed To Extensive Amounts of Water How do you treat a firearm that has sat in flood waters or has been exposed to floodwaters for even a limited time?  The Sporting Arms And Ammunitions Manufacturing Institute Inc. (SAAMI) has instructions

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