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The Houston Gun Collectors Association (H.G.C.A.) was organized in 1950. Since the founding of the H.G.C.A., regularly held gun shows have been a major club activity.  The H.G.C.A. Gun Show has hosted and provided dedicated sections for many special interest collectors groups. Some of the special groups that have conducted their events in conjunction with the H.G.C.A. Gun Show include Winchester Collectors, Miniature Arms Collectors, Fishing Gear Collectors, Patch Collectors, Indian Artifacts and Weapons Collectors and a Military Collectors and Military Vehicles Show. The Military Shows are held in conjunction with our October and January Gun Shows. Learn more about the gun shows and how to become a member of the Houston Gun Collectors Association.

Upcoming Gun Shows

  • September 24-25, 2022
  • December 10, 2022
Upcoming Shows

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Texas Constitutional Carry

This presentation will help the reader: Understand the basics of Texas Constitutional Carry Know who can and cannot carry under Texas Constitutional Carry Learn what

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Military Grade Henry Rifles

Vincent gave a PowerPoint presentation on Civil War U.S. Martial Henry Rifles and Engraved U.S. Veterans Volunteer Infantry Martial Henry Rifles.  Vincent displayed three very beautiful

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